Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Uncle Cyril

The last remaining member of the Thomas elder generation - Uncle Cyril - passed away last week and the funeral was yesterday. We couldn't go so I just hope that Valerie and the rest of the family can uderstand. I am dreadful at funerals and my own selfish thought always overwhelm me to the point of embarrassment.
Cyril was my own dads' best mate and it's the way I've always thought of him. 'Always' is a bit misleading - I didn't know that they even knew him until my MIL was in hospital dying - 6 years after my dad had died! Cyril had been at our wedding and at my dads' funeral and never realised we were related!
I hope they are friends again, playing cards and drinking southern (yuk) beer LOL


DH, DD and I went on a day trip to Southport today. It was a lovely day, not too hot and there was no wind. We had our fish and chips at the usual cafe on the 'pier'. Not a real pier as such but that's what we call it. Then we went looking for small bundles of rock for the wedding table and decided against the idea. We ended up looking in the sales and found the perfect outfit for me! Not red as I wanted but a nice blue/green design on a neutral background. We all loved it so it's here in my wardrobe :D
I love Southport and even managed to find a craft shop - but I came out without buying a single thing! DH was astonished hehehee

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The UKS CC is going quite well and I have tried a few things I wouldn't normally bother with
Here is my Mail Art and finally an ATC I actually like!

Footie Season again

Well it seems football hasn't had a break from our TV this year and when that's not on it either cricket or golf. We invested in Sky + with multiroom so DH can watch his programmes upstairs (instead of me as I have the 'magic eye' in my room) BUT as always he gets his way and we STILL have sport on the main TV. He's really getting to me at the moment
Don't get me wrong - I love watching sports but not ALL day EVERY day!
We have got tickets to watch Man City play Porto a week on Saturday (I think lol). DD is coming with us so should be a good day out.