Friday, September 28, 2007

Me doing my Shirley Valentine thing on the coast of Crete Agios Georgios - in the middle of nowhere this little rickety chair by the sea and a taverna across the road. All that's missing is the glass of wine
Had my usual parchment class today and made a lovely 'snowmen' card. Going to a make and take for jewellery next week with DD. Logged into UKS properly for the first time in months and I'm joining in with the CyberCrop. I'm having fun making ATCs first. I'm not buying any kits as I need the money for my holiday album. Managed to get 70 free photos ( using 2 accounts :) ) We've been back 28 days and I'm just beginning to get myself together so hopefully will have some layouts to share. DH had his birthday yesterday and DD has her first anniversary on Sunday so I've been busy with cards etc thsi week and I've spent a few hours in my craft room this evening.
While I was in there I thought of changing rooms?! It's not a small room but it isn't very bright and the other spare room is a lot bigger and brighter. Should I change or not??? Hmmm It's soooo tempting lol

part 2

I took my new camera to Crete ( another huge mistake - the 'holiday' I mean ) and managed to take almost 500 piccies lol ........... so I have some great ideas for layouts etc - just need the stash to get going.
We did go for 7 1/2 weeks and the weather was fabulous. DH looks so healthy and he's a lot fitter as he went swimming every morning on his own and afternoon with Georgia. We couldn't cope with James as he was at that age - he just kept running off and if you know me you know I can't run!!!!! We were supposed to go for three weeks real holiday - no baby sitting, housework etc but from day one it just went wrong. My DIL had some 'young' friends there all the time and I felt like ( and was treated like ) an outsider always in the way. The girl who looked after the children last year was there and she was talking to me about Georgia, calling her all sorts of names. How I didn't slap her I don't know - I just walked away.
Cockroaches UGH!!!!! After the first 2 weeks they were in the apartment every day. I was down on my hands and knees scrubbing and spent the best part of 3 weeks indoors so my tan faded before I got home lol
There were good moments though. DH and I got closer than we have been in years. I even went swimming one morning with him!!!!!! Amazing, as I haven't swum since I was at school
I can't believe it has been almost a year since I blogged!! It has been an emotional and really awful year. Last Christmas DS and family came to stay for about 10 weeks. It was so lovely to get the chance to know my grandson and have Georgia back but things didn't go well and they went home early. They had originally intended to be here for 3 months. Gareth went first with the children and his wife followed a couple of weeks later as she had a job.

Christmas day was miserable. My darling son (with sarcasm) spent the day saying how much he hated Christmas. How can a young father hate Christmas??????