Sunday, October 22, 2006

Haven't been here for quite a while! The wedding was a great success and now I have all the 'after' jobs to do *sigh* Clean the wedding dress, make the photo album, wash the tea light holders, jars, vases etc and put them away. One bonus of course is that I get to keep the jars for my craft room lol
It was lovely to see my son and his family even though it was just for 3 days. BUT we are going out for almost 2 months next year! I've already booked it. I can't believe I was so brave to do that. lol Normally it takes weeks for me to decide but the air fares were so good I didn't want to wait. We're going on the new British Airways scheduled flights so fingers crossed.
Not managed a lot of scrapping but I've made a few cards.
I've joined in the Advent swap on UKS this year. I just hope I get it right. It will be so nice to buy, wrap and send and then of course to receive :D I must admit that the build up to Christmas will be more exciting because of it. Sad aren't I?
Well, not much of a blog today. Might pop back later