Sunday, October 22, 2006

Haven't been here for quite a while! The wedding was a great success and now I have all the 'after' jobs to do *sigh* Clean the wedding dress, make the photo album, wash the tea light holders, jars, vases etc and put them away. One bonus of course is that I get to keep the jars for my craft room lol
It was lovely to see my son and his family even though it was just for 3 days. BUT we are going out for almost 2 months next year! I've already booked it. I can't believe I was so brave to do that. lol Normally it takes weeks for me to decide but the air fares were so good I didn't want to wait. We're going on the new British Airways scheduled flights so fingers crossed.
Not managed a lot of scrapping but I've made a few cards.
I've joined in the Advent swap on UKS this year. I just hope I get it right. It will be so nice to buy, wrap and send and then of course to receive :D I must admit that the build up to Christmas will be more exciting because of it. Sad aren't I?
Well, not much of a blog today. Might pop back later

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Uncle Cyril

The last remaining member of the Thomas elder generation - Uncle Cyril - passed away last week and the funeral was yesterday. We couldn't go so I just hope that Valerie and the rest of the family can uderstand. I am dreadful at funerals and my own selfish thought always overwhelm me to the point of embarrassment.
Cyril was my own dads' best mate and it's the way I've always thought of him. 'Always' is a bit misleading - I didn't know that they even knew him until my MIL was in hospital dying - 6 years after my dad had died! Cyril had been at our wedding and at my dads' funeral and never realised we were related!
I hope they are friends again, playing cards and drinking southern (yuk) beer LOL


DH, DD and I went on a day trip to Southport today. It was a lovely day, not too hot and there was no wind. We had our fish and chips at the usual cafe on the 'pier'. Not a real pier as such but that's what we call it. Then we went looking for small bundles of rock for the wedding table and decided against the idea. We ended up looking in the sales and found the perfect outfit for me! Not red as I wanted but a nice blue/green design on a neutral background. We all loved it so it's here in my wardrobe :D
I love Southport and even managed to find a craft shop - but I came out without buying a single thing! DH was astonished hehehee

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The UKS CC is going quite well and I have tried a few things I wouldn't normally bother with
Here is my Mail Art and finally an ATC I actually like!

Footie Season again

Well it seems football hasn't had a break from our TV this year and when that's not on it either cricket or golf. We invested in Sky + with multiroom so DH can watch his programmes upstairs (instead of me as I have the 'magic eye' in my room) BUT as always he gets his way and we STILL have sport on the main TV. He's really getting to me at the moment
Don't get me wrong - I love watching sports but not ALL day EVERY day!
We have got tickets to watch Man City play Porto a week on Saturday (I think lol). DD is coming with us so should be a good day out.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This is my angel

Isn't she just the cutest? I love her sooo much and miss her even more.
My machine has had a bl...y virus so I've had to spend hours cleaning the drives etc. That did not sit well with me at all.
DS came online via the webcam today - he's looking quite tanned (except where his shirt covers LOL) Got to get him measured up for his suit. Tricky :) He downloaded some new photos of the children for me - gotta scrap those!! they are sooo adorable.
Seems they won't be arriving until the day of the wedding - landing at about 6.30 am. Trying to find them somewhere to stay just for a few hours to rest up. More tricky lol
I've been busy with mail art and ATCs this afternoon but just not happy with them. At least my handbag fob is finished and ready to go.
Need to go and chill

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Too Pooped!

Thought I would share this one. This is my daugters cat Elvis. It reminds me of a cross stitch pattern that I have seen. The title is so brill!

HOT, hot, hot!!

Hasn't it been just gorgeous weather? I am a little fed up with listening to people complan about the heat when they usually complain about the rain! Talk about can't win :D I sat out in the garden yesterday topping up my tan - such as it is. I want to look as good as I can for Claires wedding (although I'd rather stick my head in the sand lol).
We're of to Tatton for the flower show tomorrow - odds on it will be raining? Fingers crossed!!! Claire, Don and I love our gardens although ours is more of a yard with raised beds and pots etc Claire has a large garden front and rear and we're gradually building it up with lupins, foxgloves and other country style flowers.
Gareth has confirmed that he will be coming to the wedding with ALL family members! Yes - result.
Sad news though that our one remaining uncle is close to death and is refusing treatment. He's had enough and wants to go. He is 84 so not such a bad innings. Also cousin Marj is doubtful because of an impending operation although it wouldn't surprise me if she told them to 'stick that, 'I'm going to a wedding' :D
I have been very busy today making Christening cards and a beaded bag key-ring. The first one was great but couldn't figure out how to stop the beads from falling off the pins!! LOL The second one was made with hemp and is much more successful
I have joined the UKS Summer Bus Cyber Crop on route 24 the Book Of Me ........ That will be interesting as I hate photos of me, but I want my children and grandchildren etc to know that I wasn't always such a pea brain

Monday, May 01, 2006

Alexander Jonathan Nuttall

He was born on Monday night. It was a little traumatic for new mum Sharon. Baby was stuck with his shoulder coming before his head so she had to have a cesaerean. Everything turned out well though, apart from some bruising on baby Alex. Claire says he's gorgeous so he must be. She usually says they are like dried up prunes lol. Mother and baby are home now and surrounded by family. I wish them well.

May Day 2006

Cleaning up after your children. May day 2006. It's cold, wet and nothing like a sprng day here. I have been busy cleaning the top bedroom after my son and family visited. It was spotless before they arrived. I even used a toothbrush to get in all the nooks and crannies *sigh*. Now now looks like a bomb (or maybe 2 lol) dropped. He is 27 this week, married with 2 young children. My granddaughter, whom I adore and my grandson, who was born in Crete and I won't really get to know. Georgia is the light of my life. She gave me back my life when I was at the point where I was just existing from day to day. Now I craft when I can, especially scrapbooking, I have re-discovered my garden and I feel alive - at least some of the time. I have been diagnosed a manic depressive with a personality disorder and I have some very bad days. The bad days always draw me to the fact that Georgia is no longer here to visit, play with and kiss and cuddle. She really is a most delightful little girl bt so full of mischief :D. She reminds me of my own daughter, Claire, who is 29 and getting married later this year. She is my angel and I could not live without her. My son, Gareth, I adore as any mother would but he is a heartbreaker.getting back to the bedroom - chewing gum!! stuck to the - what were - nice clean floorboards. I'll have to put some ice down to freeze it off. If that doesn't work I'll have to buy a speciality spray. Bummer.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Where to start? Well, for a start the sun is actually shining which is almost a miracle as for the past 8 weeks we've had snow, snow and more snow followed by rain and yet more rain. Seeing the sun always cheers me up and I start to think of my little garden and all the poor flowers that probably didn't survive this winter.
I'm desperately trying to find a plant or seedlings for the guillyflower - my namesake. It does exist - Guildford in Surrey was so named because of the fields of guillyflowers (golden flowers) and the ford across the river Wey. It's strange how our once famous cottage garden flowers have disappeared and now, when we've lost them we ask why? But thanks to the likes of Bill Oddie and the plant growers of the UK we are slowly gathering some seeds to plant in our typically English gardens. More flowers, more insects which make for more of our birds and natural wildlife.
The swallows may be late this year - I will keep my fingers crossed that they come. It is a wonderful site to behold as they swoop and chase each other. Other birds are appearing as my dawn chorus is continually telling me. Perhaps Spring is truly here at last. We shall see