Saturday, February 27, 2010


Had a really bad day yesterday. My old ticker was racing along like a bullet train and it felt like someone was sitting on my chest. Def not nice and so I didn't get to make any cake or much else for that matter


After more than 20 years I finally found the courage and confidence to cook a meal again and it was lovely. A real traditional Moussaka. I impressed myself as well as my son who is a very fair chef!
Next is a coffee and walnut cake

New Year - Rubbish!

What a start! First the snow .......... love the stuff but being stuck indoors for almost a month was a bit much.
The 'children' (son and daughter) each doing their own thing in separate continents - the former in New York and the latter in South Africa. They each had a great time which was good. We had the grandchildren and that was good too.
Then my pond fish started dying one by one leaving me with just the one lonely little fish in a big pond.
Then the dash to hospital as I seem to have developed AF and gall stones ......... wonderful .. not. I can almost start my own pharmacy now :)
As for crafting ...... not a lot. Didn't get ANY craft stuff for Christmas and had to beg for some for my birthday. However, the heart thing did bring a sort of gift as darling hubby bought me some Tim Holtz stuff and other as well as promising me Sir Tims new book!
I made a couple of cards but that was all.