Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Where to start? Well, for a start the sun is actually shining which is almost a miracle as for the past 8 weeks we've had snow, snow and more snow followed by rain and yet more rain. Seeing the sun always cheers me up and I start to think of my little garden and all the poor flowers that probably didn't survive this winter.
I'm desperately trying to find a plant or seedlings for the guillyflower - my namesake. It does exist - Guildford in Surrey was so named because of the fields of guillyflowers (golden flowers) and the ford across the river Wey. It's strange how our once famous cottage garden flowers have disappeared and now, when we've lost them we ask why? But thanks to the likes of Bill Oddie and the plant growers of the UK we are slowly gathering some seeds to plant in our typically English gardens. More flowers, more insects which make for more of our birds and natural wildlife.
The swallows may be late this year - I will keep my fingers crossed that they come. It is a wonderful site to behold as they swoop and chase each other. Other birds are appearing as my dawn chorus is continually telling me. Perhaps Spring is truly here at last. We shall see

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