Thursday, July 20, 2006

HOT, hot, hot!!

Hasn't it been just gorgeous weather? I am a little fed up with listening to people complan about the heat when they usually complain about the rain! Talk about can't win :D I sat out in the garden yesterday topping up my tan - such as it is. I want to look as good as I can for Claires wedding (although I'd rather stick my head in the sand lol).
We're of to Tatton for the flower show tomorrow - odds on it will be raining? Fingers crossed!!! Claire, Don and I love our gardens although ours is more of a yard with raised beds and pots etc Claire has a large garden front and rear and we're gradually building it up with lupins, foxgloves and other country style flowers.
Gareth has confirmed that he will be coming to the wedding with ALL family members! Yes - result.
Sad news though that our one remaining uncle is close to death and is refusing treatment. He's had enough and wants to go. He is 84 so not such a bad innings. Also cousin Marj is doubtful because of an impending operation although it wouldn't surprise me if she told them to 'stick that, 'I'm going to a wedding' :D
I have been very busy today making Christening cards and a beaded bag key-ring. The first one was great but couldn't figure out how to stop the beads from falling off the pins!! LOL The second one was made with hemp and is much more successful
I have joined the UKS Summer Bus Cyber Crop on route 24 the Book Of Me ........ That will be interesting as I hate photos of me, but I want my children and grandchildren etc to know that I wasn't always such a pea brain

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