Friday, September 28, 2007

Had my usual parchment class today and made a lovely 'snowmen' card. Going to a make and take for jewellery next week with DD. Logged into UKS properly for the first time in months and I'm joining in with the CyberCrop. I'm having fun making ATCs first. I'm not buying any kits as I need the money for my holiday album. Managed to get 70 free photos ( using 2 accounts :) ) We've been back 28 days and I'm just beginning to get myself together so hopefully will have some layouts to share. DH had his birthday yesterday and DD has her first anniversary on Sunday so I've been busy with cards etc thsi week and I've spent a few hours in my craft room this evening.
While I was in there I thought of changing rooms?! It's not a small room but it isn't very bright and the other spare room is a lot bigger and brighter. Should I change or not??? Hmmm It's soooo tempting lol

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