Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bad Week or so but good ending ...............

I was rushed into hospital last week with a severe health problem and was all on my own in a side room. It was lovely to have the privacy and peace ........... I still have a lot of tests etc ahead although it looks like another permanent problem to add to my list. But I'm still smiling! 
When I was allowed home I found I had won a competition with My Craft Studio Club which gave me a lovely end to the week. I am allowed to choose my prize to a certain value but the choice is so great I'm struggling to make up my mind lol But I will!
My 2 eldest grandchildren stayed for 4 days over this week-end and although it was very tiring it was also lovely to have them take my mind off my worries. We went to our local park which I hadn't seen in many years and it was such a wonderful few hours of fun and laughter. The 'swings' have been replaced by a 'health' theme park all to encourage children to exercise. There is still a younger childs area as well as the small steam train (which unfortunately broke down that day) There was also a giant slide and trampoline - not free but I thought good value. The children loved it and that's what mattered.

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